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Hi, I'm Millie! And the cheeky little monkey you see in the background with his tongue sticking out is Max. We love photography!

Growing up, my report cards from school consistently commented on my ‘creative’ nature - even when it came to more analytical subjects like arithmetic(!). I was constantly doodling on notepads - and loved drawing, painting and photography in art class. As much as I liked it though, I never really thought that it could be my career and on leaving school I took up work in sales and admin.

The creative itch remained though and the emergence of digital photography I found a medium that allowed me to scratch that itch on weekends by photographing landscape and seascape images from my hometown of Littlehampton and the stunning countryside surroundings of West Sussex.

When my niece was born the family looked towards me, the one with the ‘fancy’ camera, to take photographs of the new arrival - which I guess you could call my first portrait sitting!

I loved it. I found a real passion in photographing people at happy points in their lives.

Along with my husband I opened my own studio and started doing more and more photoshoots both in the studio and on location - with children, events, families, weddings and even on one occasion, a feuding family wedding (parents weren’t talking! eek!). Each shoot brought its own challenge - whether that was maintaining enthusiasm while lying down on a cold muddy forest floor to get the best angle to make the most of the low sun in the sky, or how to properly capture the pomp and ceremony of a wedding at Westminster Cathedral without becoming overawed by the occasion. I enjoyed it all - and got great satisfaction capturing moments that brought smiles to clients faces.

At this point you could say I was pretty busy… I still had a 9-5 day job! So when my own happy point in life, Max, came along some prioritising needed doing. The studio, photoshoots and wedding photography were all put on the back burner and Max became my focus.

As he has been growing up I’ve taken thousands of photographs of him which is why when you hire me, not only will you get an experienced photographer with lots of enthusiasm, but you also make a young boy very happy he has a day off from being told to ‘look this way’ and ’stand like this’!

So that is how I got to this point. I hope you enjoy the photography you see on my website and if you would like me to try and capture some happy moments in your life please do get in touch.

Millie & Max photography - Horsham - West Sussex

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